Internet Consulting web Web Technologies

You may be wondering, “What is Internet Consulting and what can it do for me?” Just like the many other business advisors you may have come to depend upon (such as your lawyer, your accountant etc.),  John Schmitz and his team at Córdoba eLearning will provide all your consulting needs and act as your local online community anywhere in the world to ensure that your business realizes the full profit potential offered by the Internet. Córdoba eLearning is online coaching just for you!


  • Strategic Planning for E-Learning
  • Digital Libraries
  • Training in the use of Educational Technologies for Education and Business


  • Needs Assessment
  • Instructional Design
  • Materials Development
  • E-learning Platform
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation, Testing and Debugging
  • Online Teaching and Training
  • Online Faculty Development
  • Online Train-the-Trainer Programs
  • Online Tutoring and Coaching