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    E-learning is an inclusive term that describes educational technology that electronically or technologically supports learning and teaching. The “e” should be interpreted to mean “exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent, and educational” in addition to “electronic.” This broad interpretation focuses on new applications and developments, and also brings learning and media psychology into consideration. Also, the “e” should refer to “everything, everyone, AND everywhere”

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    E-Learning Consulting & Language Services

    Your international success relies on communicating across cultures, channels and languages. "Córdoba eLearning" delivers the integrated customized solution you need to connect with customers around the world. We believe in a holistic, unbiased and fresh global understanding of your key business challenges and provide in-depth solutions and recommendations to accelerate your business with a personalized driven approach. Our experience and expertise as well as our multicultural staff will be a proven asset to you and your business needs.

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  • language services

    Language & Translation

    For more than thirty years Paula Schmitz, Sandra Gastaldi and Diana Petrochelli have been helping clients across the globe facilitate foreign language communication (English-Spanish / Spanish-English) and eliminate multicultural communication barriers. We are proud to offer a full range of translation and interpretion services highly needed in the process of expatriation as well as teacher´s training. - Document and Website Translation - Public translations of legal documents - Immigration documents - Certification with the College of Translators in Córdoba - Immigration application - Other forms at the Córdoba Migrations´office - Interpretation Services - Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation - Proof-reading - Proposal writing - Online ESL (English as a Second Language) Training - Online Teacher´s Training - Online ESL Course Development - Online E-learning Training (E-learning E-training) - Interculturalism:

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  • internet consulting

    Web Technologies

    You may be wondering, “What is Internet Consulting and what can it do for me?” Just like the many other business advisors you may have come to depend upon (such as your lawyer, your accountant etc.), John Schmitz and his team at Córdoba eLearning will provide all your consulting needs and act as your local online community anywhere in the world to ensure that your business realizes the full profit potential offered by the Internet. Córdoba eLearning is online coaching just for you!

    - Strategic Planning for E-Learning
    - Digital Libraries
    - Training in the use of Educational Technologies for Education and Business

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  • internet consulting


    - Needs Assessment
    - Instructional Design
    - Materials Development
    - E-learning Platform
    - Implementation
    - Evaluation, Testing and Debugging
    - Online Teaching and Training
    - Online Faculty Development
    - Online Train-the-Trainer Programs
    - Online Tutoring and Coaching

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